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Friday, September 11, 2009


Slept straight till 4AM....that's an accomplishment! IF today. COFFEE.

WOD: 'Danny'- AMRAP 20: 30 box jumps @ 24", 20 push press @ 83, 30 pull ups. GET SOME. WHERE OH WHERE IS 6AM?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
I got 2 rds, plus 1 pull up. Only 29 pull ups shy of Rd 3 :) Then, because a few of us are sickos and always do what COACH tells us to do, me and MK jumped on 100 curb push-ups. And since I am IFing today, there won't be much recovery. OH WELL :)

Hair did at 9. Lots of coffee this am. Am hungry at the moment....

So me and MK leave today for BGI in West Palm- our Level 1 Cert this weekend- excited and anxious....

IF 16hrs

So the Costco here is still out of T burgers and mahi. This is a direct hit on our sources of protein! Got the cod, not a big fan.

cod, brocc, greens shake, nuts


  1. 6PM beats 6AM on Fridays... because nothing cleans the mouth out better after you have puked than a nice frosty beer.

  2. Good luck on the cert... not that you really need luck.