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Thursday, September 10, 2009


Up way too early because that's how I do.

WOD: run 400, 30 KBS @ 20k, 100' lunges, run 800, 100' lunges, 30 KBS, run 400. Tried to keep up with Kate on the runs, yeah right. 11:40. Feeling the end of the week in my body. SWOD: B. Squats 4x8 @ 145lbs. Up 5lbs from last time (8/26) so am pleased with that. 8's suck.

Getting ready for the Lev 1 Cert this weekend....of course I am a little anxious, but since MK is with me on this, how bad can it be? ;)

3 eggs, some waaay overcooked eggplant, greens shake, nuts

Getting things done today in my office. Love to clean off my desk. :)

chicken, egg, red pepper, nuts

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