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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wednesday Sept 9

Good sleep. snack

WOD: Deads 4x3 @ 90% 1RM ATB. My old PR of 225 is such a thing of the past, I chose to go with my newer one of 205. 185-185-190-190. Maybe should have pushed the envelope?

Tomato Conference at the Ritz today, lots of industry reps there, not so many growers...lots of elbows being rubbed and high dollar dinners being schmooozed...we're not playing this year and I am thankful for that.

Much to my surprise I chose in to a CFE WOD this evening. Hauled butt home to change and head in with Pauly.

3 rds: 1min on, 1min off x3. (9min on, 9min off). Went with the C2. 2312m.

Food was pretty good today altho I had a salad for lunch at the hotel with salmon that I am pretty sure had butter on it...forgot to ask for no butter swipe! Pauly was asking for Paleo brownies so we made some last night- had a taste but kept it at that. They are pretty dang good and I will post the recipe.

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