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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday already!

Up with good sleep. egg, nuts, coffee

WOD: AMRAP 20: Row 750 once (thank you CF); then 10 burpees, sprint 40yrds. I saw stars this morning, and the sun was already up. Me and B kicked it together at 6AM, as I know a few of our bretheren are making a loooong drive home after a brutal loss last night. Yes, it was a great game...but it sucks to lose. SWOD today: power cleans 6x3. 105 atb. Stayed there to work on FAST ELBOWS. I WANT FAST ELBOWS. Must think about fast elbows. Currently my elbows are not that fast.

breakfast with the pauly: 3 fried eggs, brocc, nuts

craving raw veggies...a red pepper @ 10AM, few nuts...

lunch- chicken on a salad. usual

egg, nuts

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  1. Your cleans are getting super strong my friend. NICE! The elbows will get there, I'm in the same boat!!