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Monday, October 19, 2009

Chilly Monday Oct 19

Slept til 630 :) IF today.

Went for a little run, 1.5 mi for time. Decided (well into the run) that I should shoot for sub 12. Too late. Started out too slow, and the 8min mile was FAST today!! 12:18. Going in at 3 today.

KUDOS to MK, KB, and all of the 'Cooking Crew'~ We stopped by MKs yesterday to look in on the festivities and they were flat out getting it done! The cookies sound sooo yummy. And dangerous. Can't wait to hear about the CFFB Cert and how Redline was for MK this am :)

IF 16 hrs

turkey breast and burger leftovers :) cooked veges, red peper, avocado, olives

2PM- egg, nuts

Me and Pauly went in this afternoon. OHS 5x3 with Jenn. 95 ATB. I am officially documenting the start of Jenn's Journey to Pull Up Land. Nice work so far!!! Got a few T2Bs in, 42. Getting ready for a business trip this week, will miss one day of class as I head to Orlando for 1.5 days...

Going in at 5AM Tuesday- See you freaks when I get back~ 6AM Thursday.

5PM- eggs, nuts, lil cuke..

turkey, brocc, nuts



  1. Goin to Will's soccer game at 4:00 and since my Mom just flew in might bring her to the game so by the time I get to CFFM will be @ 6ish. Thinking of making up FRAN since I didn't get to do her on Friday then doing the OHS... will be my first FRAN without assisted PUps... YIKES!

  2. Nice run this morning girl! I'll catch up with you tomorrow at 6am!