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Friday, October 23, 2009

FRIDAY!!! Oct 23

Up early to go in at 5. egg, nuts

WOD: for time: row 1000, 50 WBS, 30 pull ups. The row was not as brutal as it can be for me, holy smoke it muct be the Friday Gods smiling on me :) 8:49. Shout out to ABomb for killing it today~ and to MK for her sub 4 Grace. Awesome!

Fishing with Chris Rush today- finally!!

break- 3 fried eggs, eggplant, nuts

lunch- t burg, red pepp & cuke, olives

So not too many fish today, but it was BEAUTIFUL out there on the boat today~ no complaints Capt Chris!

egg, nuts

It's almost 6 and Pauly just left for the gym~ I won't get ot see the Friday PMers today, I think I heard it's beer Friday.....hmmmm....I am so sorry to miss that- I love Friday nights at the gym because there is always so much good energy!! I am headed to my little monthly Ladies' Circle group....does packing my own din make me a bad person? ;0

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  1. FYI- The almond butter from Fresh Market is AWESOME!! Thank you!