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Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Again Oct 26

Up with champ sleep. IF today.

WOD: 20 DLs at 135, run 800, 20 box jumps @ 20", 20 burpees, run 800, 20 jumps, 20 burps. 14:40. Nice one on a Monday, weather was great this am. 6AM killed it today :) So nice to have Liz back. Coming back in tonight for some squats.

IF about 20 this time. Nice one.

meal 1- salmon, bruss sp, spinach salad with avocado, few walnuts, cuke.

So just gotta say that for me, I have found a FANTASTIC cheat, pizza. (Pauly too). I think of it often, and finally had some Sunday. We went to Pizza Fusion, next to Crave. I don't know yet if this holds water, but: they offer a gluten free crust made with rice flour. We got the 'Farmers Market' with the GF crust, added chicken. Artichoke hearts, mushrooms, red onion, organic red sauce, and of course, was SO FLIPPING GOOD. So, for what it's worth, the GF crust seemed to settle well with the ol' digestive system- the old bod seems to be handling all this toxic waste fairly well. Oh, and for the real freaks out there (LIKE ME), GF beer~ really good! I don't think this meal will happen all that often, but damn!

Miss you Jenn~ hope you feel better soon!

meal 2- hb eggs, nuts

So I went back in for squats, 5x3, at 6PM. Took a good bit of time to warm up- 95-115-125-135-155x3. My 5RM is 155, so I planned to start my sets of 3 at 175. Went in at 175 and failed on the first one-ouch- that was not going to work. Not a good perf on my squats tonight, I did not feel strong. Had to dump the bar more than once. 155-155-165x1-155-155x2. Decided to call it a night.

meal 3- hard to get down. 2 hb eggs, mahi, brocc, avocado, almonds, a little red pepper in an effort to add another block of carbs, but it ain't happening.



  1. Nice WOD time and in the midst of a 20 hour IF?! Awesome :)

  2. Yes Dec. 12 is the end of the challenge!!!

  3. As far as IFing and lack of full WOD and SWOD strength I couldn't really tell you since I never eat before the 5am workouts and when I workout at night it is always post at least the first meal after IFing. Although, I did IF this Sunday and worked out later than usual but it would be hard to tell if the mid-WOD fatigue was from squats after row or lack of strength... hmmmmm

  4. No worries on the back squats girlfriend. You are strong and everyone has an off day. Didn't you just tell me that when I failed HORRIBLY a few weeks ago with my bench. Oh yeah the bar ate me alive. It happens but we both know you are a machine. Keep it up!!! Great working out with you this morning (tues)