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Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday AGAIN. Oct 5

Up with good sleep. It has been a great weekend. IF today.

WOD: heavy thrusters 5x5. 95-105-115-115x4-105. Felt a little flimsy today, but happy with the 115. CFE tonight at 5PM with MK.

mahi, egg, cooked veggies, a red pepper, nuts

hb eggs, aspargus, nuts

chicken, brocc, a red pepper, nuts

Went in @ 5 for CFE WOD with MK. Total distance was .84. Quick one.
Gator Club meeting @ 530.

(took the 2 peppers and added together for day's total for another block)


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  1. Hey girl. Great job this morning. You rocked on the thrusters as usual. I'll text you when I leave here today hopefully by 3:45!!