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Friday, October 2, 2009

October 2 FRIDAY

Up with decent sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: run 400, 30 lunges, run 400, 30 GHD hypers, run 400, 30 lunges, run 400, 30 GHDs, run 400. Lot of running, good stuff on a Friday. HOLLAH to Jim and B for pushing hard this morning- great finish to the week. Am beat at the end of this week, as usual. Extra work today: Weighted eccentric dips: did 23 @ 15lbs, 7 @ 20 for total of 30 dips.

Spent some time at the gym this am after class, hanging out with 8AM- Big Rob, Brod, Eleina, Amber, Lisa, Christi 2FO, the Stephanacci...lots of good energy at 8AM today! They killed the WOD, too :) good times.

Finally home to breakfast- 4 hb eggs, brocc, avocado, walnuts

Soooo happy for this Friday- we have 'no plans' for the weekend. NICE. The bins of Halloween are out of storage and in the garage. I am sure this excites Pauly American Psycho to no end.

lunch- t burg on salad, cado and nuts

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