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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oct 28 Metcon Wednesday

Up at the crack to go in at 5AM. Long day ahead of me today.

WOD: C2 3x 750m; 3 sec foul. Was able to keep times in 3 sec check. 2:54.1, 2:52.9, 2:52.6. Glad that one is over. Great to finally see JBrod this am :)

Headed to Balm for an industry trade show today. Kind of fun, but kind of ugh. I am beat, been a little skinny on sleep. Thanks to MK for the Mg, (or to Kate?)~ will try- maybe it's better than the MinTran for me~ am open to anything that helps!

break on the road- eggs, brocc, nuts

lunch @ Sonny's- salad bar with chicken, added nuts

home! yay

egg, nuts, and yummy hummus that MK made!! Deee-licious!

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  1. Right on girl. Sleep is key for me with recovery and performance wise. Play with them this weekend. I take 2 when I know I can get my sleep in. When I lay my head down I am out cold for solid sleep :) I hope you like the hummus. Like I said this time I tried to make it lower in Fat so I don't know if it's the best of the best. I'll try and make another batch for the party this weekend. Have a good day, see you tomorrow morning!