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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday in Longwood Oct21

When I called home last night, the FIRST words out of Pauly's mouth (after 'hey baby') were:
'I ate all the cookies.' hahahahahaha!! Too funny him is. KB, he loved them and said that you told him to save me one, but.....not so much :)

Up @ 5, egg, nuts

WOD: 21-18-15-12-9 Burpees & squats (easy out!) run 400 on the odds, 50 DUs on the evens. 18:56. Just so happens that the loop around my hotel room is right at .25mi. Felt slow, but I know I got off easy by not doing the KTEs! Miss my peeps today.

Home this afternoon- yay!

break- will be hb eggs, red pepper, nuts. Gotta work on switching it up :) It's an easy travel meal!

was able to keep it in check today....glad to be home

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  1. Well...he did warn me that he would eat them all! I tried. The recipe is posted so get at - one for you 12 for Paul. That is how I typically bake, one for me the rest ALWAYS got pawned off on my family!

    You are surely missed...get back here girl!