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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday October 7

Up with better sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: 'Fifteen': AMRAP 15: 15 cals row, 15 push ups, 15 box jumps. Got 5 rds plus 6 cals. Extra work: Benches 5x5: 105-115-120-120-120x4. PR @ 120!! Last time (9/3) only got 4 reps in @ 120, got 14 today! Happy with that. Shout out to my girl MK who is gaining mad skills at her DUs, and of course KILLING any strength work these days...and to 6AM and Heat 2 630AM- NICE WORK this morning!

breakfast: 3 hb eggs, cooked veges, 1/2 apple, nuts

spinach salad, chicken, nuts

went to football field with a few other freaks I know and ran some field drills at 3PM. It was hot.

egg, nuts

salmon, bruss sprouts, brocc, avocado. daaaark choc and almonds for dessert! So good :)


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  1. I tell yeah I should've been in sales. J/K I don't know how you do it!! Thanks for the love today. I can't wait to get as many D/U's in a row as you!!