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Monday, November 16, 2009

Carolina Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend~ started with a run at Lakes Park with my girl MK.

Pretty clean eating with several beers- cheats this weekend were blue cheese, ketchup, daaaaark choc, beer~ not too offensive, but didn't measure any nuts either ;) We had our newer tradition of Friday night beef- this time burgers- so flipping good. GF, lettuce wrapped- yummers big time. I love eating clean, thank goodness- but it certainly takes a lot of effort to keep it in check.

KUDOS to Coach and Kate for the nutrition training this weekend- even tho I didn't attend, I know it was stellar information- and I am ALL IN when it comes to helping folks clean their diets up. I say this because Paul and I are seeing day to day the effects of a lifetime of processed food consumption and other not-so-good life choices with our loved ones who are now 70-80 years of age.....MAKE THE CHANGE NOW PEOPLE!! It's sooooo much easier!!


I will freaking take it. No style points needed.

DEC 5 WILL BE ANOTHER STORY........the biggest game of the year, BY FAR......until.....JAN 7......

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  1. That's right... overlook FSU... that is our whole plan! MWAHAHAHA.

    Our defense has been horrible all season just so we would be overlooked by Urbs and the Gators. No I am totally being for real right now, I swear. Ponder's injury is fake too!