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Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday November 16 yeeeeahhhhhh....

Up with good sleep. IF today. Coffee.. and it usually helps when you actually put the coffee pot back under the hood......FOCUS, Sarah.

WOD: Hakuna Matata: 15 min AMRAP: 1 PC, 1 CNJ (93lbs); 2 PC, 2 CNJ; 3 PC, 3 CNJ, then 10 box jumps.....NO DROPS or the round doesn't count.....had to focus to keep the order in order :) there were a few extra cleans in there for me, but no major fouls- but am sure I could have gotten at least 7rds if it weren't for the extra cleans- got 6 plus 8 jumps. CFE TONIGHT :)
Anyone else?

chicken, broccoli, red pepper, olives, nuts

chicken, 2 hb eggs, olives, spinach, red pepp, nuts

CFE tonight with MK. 2 rds of: 3x 1:00:3:00- about a mile total distance.

chicken, bruss sprouts, cooked veges, avocado


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