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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Nov 17

Up with crap sleep. egg, nuts

WOD: Deads 6x3. Lots of warm up, then 185-190-175-175-175-175. Still working on my rounded back. And it's been 2 years. Also did my second round of speed drills for back squats. 10x3, every 30 sec, @ 120lbs.

In the process of tweaking my zone- going back to the drawing board for a bit- it has been a long time since I have changed anything. My bf % has increased slightly (not so good), as has my lean mass (good)- the idea is that maybe my carbs have been too low for too long- and for my body, maybe upping them slightly will create change in performance and bf %......I plan to go back to base zone next week, which means 11-11-11. Holy crap that is A LOT of food. I see some fruit in my future....but not too much! That's the trick! The finished product will look like: 11-6-37ish daily....I am going to pull back to 11B for a bit from 12B....

break- 3 fried eggs, pear, nuts

lunch- chicken, brocc, red pepper, avocado

chicken, nuts

salmon, spinach, bruss sprouts, nuts



  1. Nice work on the deads, they will come. You gotta let me have one category in the crossfit world..deads :) You are super strong so I'm not worried you'll be right where you want to be shortly. I think it's a great idea about going straight zone again. Remember when we did that after the games and it seemed to really improve your performance??? I think the carbs will be good for your system!! C U in the am my friend!

  2. I love carbs...haha! Well, I tried out the paleo pumpkin pie and it seemed to pass the family test. They enjoyed it and so did I! Thank you!!