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Friday, November 6, 2009

FRIDAY!!!! Nov 6

Urban Meyer has been fined $30K by the SEC!!!!! WOW...that's about all I can say right now!

Up early, about 6hrs last night. Looking forward to some sleep- i hope!

egg, nuts

WOD: Tabata DL's (123) and clapping push ups. Total was 114. Whew! Soooo glad its Friday :)

Did 101's with MK, then to Dr. Mike's for adj, then back for Tim's 101's.....

breakfast- eggs, eggplant, avocado, nuts

lunch- salmon on spinach salad, red pepp, cuke, nuts

Sunday at MK's for Paleo Thanksgiving Kitchen~ 3PM

Headed out to Captiva tonight for a little get away....we need it! Back Sat night for Gator Club dutay at the Ed................

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  1. Ok, I can't believe I am about to say this but... Way to go Urban Meyer for sticking up for your team. The SEC policy to NOT criticize officials is ridiculous. I understand they can't get every call right but that doesn't mean coaches shouldn't be able to call them out on it. Also, he was asked by the press, he didn't bring it up himself. With out a critical eye there will be nothing keeping the lame zebras in check. I hope he pays the SEC in pennies.

    That said, I hope he continues to criticize officials until he is suspended for the FSU game... every little bit helps!

    So uhhh, does this mean no more SEC chant from the Gators?