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Monday, November 9, 2009

November 9 MONDAY

Up with good sleep, just feel like I could do it all over again :)

WOD: S. Press 7x1: Was looking for a PR today, got it! 80-85-95PR-100f-100f-95f-90-90. It was like once I got the PR, it was all over...maybe some mental, too? But I swear it seemed so heavy from that point on~ what a diff 5lbs makes ;) Hollah to KB for getting her PR also- way to persist, sistah!! to JIM AND BIG ROB: NICE PR's!! Way to blow your you-know-what!! Going back in this pm for squats.

3 hb eggs that peeled like crap so prolly not even a full 3B~ AAARRRGHHH~ brocc, nuts, and a few bites of leftover bruss sprouts w/ marinara leftover from last night.....for shame! but oooooh sooo gooood. Like Kary and I were discussing earlier: my idea of a cheat may not be the same as yours :)

We had a beautiful weekend- thanks to you all that asked~ windy, but smashing. It's a charmed life when you can wake up with the sunrise at Captiva. Cheat meal Fri night, but not too offensive- surf & turf with veggies~ Key Lime Bistro...few beers. Saturday was beach and football- where else can you do that in early November? :) IF Sunday, so let myself eat this am, a nice change for a Monday morning. The weekends are so good to me that I find that I am wishing the week away just to get to another one- sound familiar?

lunch- hungry! egg, salmon, spinach, avocado, nuts
4-1-14 can't seem to get enough today.

4PM snack
egg, almonds

Really having a few issues with my squats, as in: I can't get back to my original PR of 185. Went 165-175f-175-175f-165-145. Talked with coach about the situation and he suggested working in some speed drills, since my problem tends to be coming up out of the bottom. Did my first speed drill tonight~ 10 rds of: (@ 70% of your 1RM) 2 squats @ 125 lbs every :30, coming up fast out of the bottom. My 'fast' didn't feel or look very fast, I am pretty sure. Looking at doing this once a week-

din- chicken, cooked veges, avocado, few nuts



  1. Way to start your week with a PR nice job Sarah! See you tonight I hope :)

  2. Nice work girl!! New PR's are always the way to go on a Monday morning. HOLLAR!!