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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I am super glad to say it's THURSDAY~ Nov 5

Up with good sleep, and didn't even take Mg. IF today.

WOD: 'Muffin Top': 4 rds for time: row 250, 15 KTE (did T2B), 21 WBS (14). So there really aren't any secrets to this one, I think we all know it was no flipping joke. You just come to know these things, yes? Coach said a 12min WOD, but that was not in my cards today. Got 14:40 I think...really glad it's over. SWOD today was Snatches 8x2: 65-65-70-70-70-75-75-75. Up 2lbs! woo hoo :) Hey, I'll freaking take it. I got no love for the snatches.

Super glad it is the end of the week. I am just now starting to recover from Monday~

HEY ALL YOU PALEO COOKS OUT THERE: We are putting together a Thanksgiving recipe swap this Sunday at MK's~ 3PM as usual~ bring your NEW favorite Paleo/Zone holiday DISH, with the RECIPE and we can all have a PLAN for the holidays....this is key!! Let me or MK know if you're all in. I am bringing pumpkin custard......

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  1. Nice work today girl. You are for sure turning another page in the CF book. You are looking great and smokin everything coming your way. Keep it up sis! Kary is in for a recipe swap. She suggested we do like a pot luck thing. Each of us bring enough for the others to take home with the recipe? I thought that was a great idea. This way I can still get my meals prepared and make enough for everyone else too. Let me know if this sunday is cool. Re you headed by to the gym or maybe we'll see her in the morning?