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Friday, December 18, 2009

FRIDAY! Dec 18. A week until Christmas~

Up with solid sleep for the first time this week.

WOD: 'Face Plant': Power Cleans 10-1, HSPUs 1-10. Tried my best to stay Rxd on the HSPUs- it was pretty tough. Cleans were at 85lbs. 22:12. Once again- SOLO. 6AM has dwindled to just me.............where oh where are my peeps?? KB, you get a pass!!

THANKS to MK for the cooler donation; CFFM HH came early today ;) There is no shame in popping a top at 7AM!

eggs, pear apple, nuts

chicken&fish, bruss sprouts, asparagus, nuts


  1. Dear Sarah -- what does HH stand for?

  2. Thank you for the pass! I will be back soon and the two-a-day WODs will begin. I miss 6AM strangely, again, for the people not the time! See you in a few days!