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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday was UFB. Dec 16

Up with short sleep. We had a little Markle (paternal side) family Christmas celebration last night and someone who lives in my house got a little overserved~ no names, AP AP AP~ and thusly was up and down all night because he~ ooops~ felt a little under the weather throughout the night. BUT: I place no blame on the boy- his reason/response? 'So I can deal'......I concur completely!! Fun, but: there's a reason we don't live with our family, yes??? I have to share: it is such a typical family scene: Paul and his dad with the endless refills of red wine. Uncle Tom with the hug and kiss that just isn't quite 'right' (he's harmless, of course). Then the dinner table convo of politics and religion, a little doom and gloom, but not too much. The almost-silly-but-still-a-little enjoyable gift exchange. The taking of family pics with 4 different cameras~ most timely when we all sit down to dinner at the table. Uhhhh, you get the picture. I love 'em all, tho!!!! Too funny, now that it's over. ;O

egg, nuts

So I have to confess when I saw this WOD last night, I immediately felt the dread wash over me. Thrusters and 1000m row: UUUGGGGHHHH.

WOD: UFB: Un-fng-believable: 30 thrusters @ 63, row 1000m, 30 thrusters. 8:49 I think? Oh my goodness, I am so glad it's over- I'm just sayin'. BUT DO NOT FEAR, my pm lovelies- you got this. It's fast and furious, so it is over quickly. Shout out to SMike for some good work on his benches this am~

3 eggs, pear apple, nuts

chicken, brocc, red pepp, nuts
3-2-6ish not sure, was at Chili's

egg, nuts

salmon, brocc, asparagus, walnuts


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