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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday...aawwwwww snap. Jan 15. and PAYDAY to boot!! :)

Up with OK sleep. Pauly was watching 2012 in bed last night- I caved a bit on my sleep/night-night policies...let me just say that 2012 is NOT exactly easy to sleep around. I survived. The sun still came up. (despite 2012's happy message).
1-0-4 egg, walnuts

WOD: Heavy Split Jerks: warmed up a good bit, still working on my split. 125-130PR-130-135-140. Yeah! I am pleased. 100 pullups for time: kips: 6:57. Ran the 1.5 tempo 90%: 12:24. OK: for the record, I still am not well versed at the percentage tempos...I just ran the 1.5mi, not all out, but kept it pretty close to an 8min mi, which seems to be my 'breaking point', or like- about as fast as I seem to go for now.

Dr. Mike's for my LAST official adj on my 12 month plan. Have made serious progress re: Xrays. Super happy with that. I now am on a maintenace sched which will be 1-2x/month. I dig that because I still enjoy the adj, in terms of how I feel, keeping everything loose, proper body response, etc.

breakfast, finally :)
eggs, pear apple, walnuts

We are headed to my mother's today to tend to her. See you all Monday.


  1. you're welcome for the GF site. Publix sells great certified organic, no hormone or antibiotic fed chicken, but the label doesn't say anything about grass fed. :( I wonder if whole foods sells grass fed eggs?

    Hope your mom is OK. Prayers for her.

  2. NICE PR GIRL! Holy smokes you continue to amaze me everyday!! Drive safe this weekend as you all our in our thoughts.

  3. Man, that 140lbs overhead was awesome!! Don't worry we have your Garmin on-site, MK kicked butt this weekend!! We'll catch-up 2mrrw ~ J

  4. 140 girl! You are a rock star! I miss seeing your happy face!!! Praying for you and your mom!