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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday Jan 14 aaahhhh.

Up with good sleep. IF today. It's Thursday people.

WOD: Power Snatch + OHS 3x2+2: then 8x200 sprints, rest 3:1. No Rxd weights, working on technique. Love these days. 53-73-73. Sprints were :38 and :37 with the last one being :36- I posed as much as I could on that last one, and looky there.

t burg, red pepp, brocc, avocado.

chicken, asparagus, walnuts
4-2-12 big one! :) :) :)

din at jason's.
salad bar with chicken


  1. You little poser! Great work today..Your snatches looked super fast! I will catch up with you Monday morning. Love you are in my thoughts.

  2. i like the picture. thank you for the background. you are one speedy sprinter!