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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wednesday Jan 13. Friday cometh.

Up with OK sleep- I guess pretty wired from the Lane Kiffin to SC news!! WOW.

WOD: 'Swings & Jumps': 5 rds: 20 KBS @ 16, 10 broad jumps. 10:04. Prolly should have gone with the 20K, but wasn't feeling all that zealous this am. Just me and JBrod kickin' it at 6AM today. SHOUT OUT to ABomb and JG for some nice work on this one at 5AM. I hear JG is now 'Spider Monkey'....

eggs, pear-apple, avocado

salad with chicken, guac. Immokalee baby!!

was with my boss today, good times.

egg, nuts and a few leftover bruss sprouts from last nite :)

me and my mister have built a fire in the back yard to say good bye to this very coldness! We've decided to do another one for the Superbowl Party...

so by the way we're planning on having a SuperBowl Party here, I put a sign up today at the gym just as a 'save the date'...details to follow soon....nothing major- just some cool cats and good food, with a few cocktails floating around...


  1. Remember...stop wishing your days away :) Friday will come and go before you know it.