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Monday, January 18, 2010

Monday Jan 18. Another week...

Thank you to all of the well wishers for my mother (her husband passed away last Wednesday). She is doing rather well, so far- better than I hoped- she is strong and basically healthy, so I am blessed! (her diet sucks but she knows it and already making changes- only freaks like us worry about stuff like that, yes?;)) She is already talking about getting back to Gainesville which is stellar news for her children. My brothers get into town this weekend for the service, so I am looking forward to seeing them, despite the ciscumstances. Thank you again, CF friends.

Up with pretty good sleep. IF today.

WOD: Heavy Squats 5x1. Some good warm up, then: 175(1RM)-175-175f-165-165-165. I did the extra rep to get 5 under my belt for the day. Was a little disappointed to fail that one, but you know what? My life is good! Benches 5x5 or set a new 5RM : so my 5RM is 120, decided to keep it there for reps today: 115-120-120-120-120-120. Will bump it up next time around- they felt strong today. 4x10 floor wipers @ WBar-43-53-63. Those are tough!

I am about to get caught up on all the blogs, but in case you don't know it, MK is a CF rock star who crushed some heavy duty shiznat over the weekend.

Aaahhh...always feels good to get to eat after a little IF...

salmon, egg, brocc/cauli, olives, few walnuts

So I am so excited to get to play with the tri-babies today! Jen invited me to come to the pool and catch cfe with them today...I am sure she will have to coach me up a bit re: my swimming. I am looking forward to switching up cfe to the water for a nice change of pace- I am sure my body will be saying- 'wtf?' THAT'S WHAT I DIG- when it goes 'wtf?' I am such a creature of habit that this opportunity doesn't come along too often.

hb eggs, red pepper, walnuts

Well, let me say that jenn is a great swim coach! Today's CFE WOD was a 500m sprint- that's 25 laps at this pool which was not happening. We did 200m, and had to rest btw laps! Talk about metcon~ wow. Jenn gave me some great tips- I hope to keep improving in this area. The take home message from today: you will never kick more than you pull. That makes perfect sense, NOW! Thank you Jenn! You have missed your calling, for sure girl.

t burg, egg, asparagus, brocc, olives, few walnuts


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  1. Thanks for the love girl :) Nice job on the bench way to be!! You are sooo much stronger now then ever before. Keep it up!!