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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Jan 19. Really?!...REALLY?!? yes, really.

Up with pretty good sleep. Pauly not a winner last night.

So remember the jumps and swings wod from last week? I did it solo at 6am and caved on my inner voice telling me to go with the 20k. NOT TODAY.

WOD: 'Really?!': 5 rds for time: run 400m, 25 kbs @ 20k, 25 burpees. Me and Leah kicked it together today- this was a hold nothing back, keep moving and just get it done little piece today! No joke. 26:06. Nice work Leah! thx for coming in at 6 so I didn't have to do it alone :) Recovery was walk 400m.

3 eggs, pear apple, nuts

t burg, cauli, red pepper, olives, few walnuts

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  1. I really!?...REALLY!? think you did fantastic today! We need to switch up the nick-name to Bionic Woman?! Great job and I will see you on Thurs morning at 6am, reluctantly of course. Hope you and your family are doing well despite your loss. See you soon chica!