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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jan 20 already- not as NEW of a YEAR!

Up with good sleep. Just an egg this am for some reason.

WOD: Snatches, heavy 5x1: Still a very technical one for me to get, so I guess I am a work in progress (boy, is THAT ever the truth!). 63-73-73-78-83-88f-88. I am pretty sure the 88 is a PR but it was UGLY. Ugly, but it was up there. Then did a little over 3min of handstand holds: 1:20, 1:05, 1:00. CFE Tonight.

3 eggs, pear-apple, walnuts, avocado
3-2-10. Sooo good. THANK YOU ELEINA for the wonderful avocado!!

t burg, red pepp, brocc, avocado- usual suspects.

egg, walnuts

just ran a 5K with Pauly. I am so proud of him! His first one- he wants to prep for the Edison. I ran a 26:34, not my best, but I wasn't looking to PR. He ran it in right at 27. We are going to stretch now :) then din :)

chicken, asparagus, brocc, avocado, walnuts after the run :)



  1. Really 26 min you are superwoman. And cut like go girl!

  2. Sick, sick, sick time on the REALLY WOD! you are a complete freak... so love you :)