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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HOME :) Wednesday Jan 27

Up with not so good sleep, been like this for a while now- week or so?

IF today.

WOD: AMRAP 12: 8 PPress @ 65, 16 KBS @ 20K. Got 8 rds plus 8 PP, beat my last one by 3PPs. This was tough for me, of course I don't remember it being quite so yuck, but am sure it was then, too. Had to break up one set of swings. Glad it's over.

IF 16 hrs today.

t burg, red pepp, brocc, avocado, few walnuts

chicken, egg, brocc, cabbage, walnuts

Went in to make up strength work from yesterday.

BSquats 5x5 @ 90%. (158 lbs) Boy, not a good day for strength work today. Weak. 160-155x4-145-145-145.

Benches 1's: 125-130-130-130-130. THey felt pretty heavy, too. Not feeling strong today. Ugh.

goodies at paleo meeting, salad bar @ jason's after :)

What a GREAT turn out tonight. I think it was a huge success- excited to see everyone get going for the next 60d on some Paleo love.


  1. check out my blog newest post: "Email from Amazin' Grazin' Beef"

  2. Thank you for the encouragement, I appreciate it. I will be looking to you to be my guide for 60 days. My food status: a year ago I didn't eat meat, rarely fish, and mostly pasta and veggies. So, you could say I have come far, as long as you are not talking to my vegetarian friends of course :)

  3. hip kitty you're a rock star--can you please tell me what you usually get at the store? I'm not very good meals. I can plan dishes. Not meals. Thank you honey...and thanks for your support always. (though you broke my heart about balsamic. sadness)