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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Jan 28. where is January?

Up with decent sleep. IF today.

WOD: 10 rds: 12 jumping squats, 9 push ups (curb), 6 pull ups. Beat my old time of 13:27 with 10:48ish today. Glad with that. Did cleans after, 5x2 at 90% ATB (120). Not sure if my head was in the game for the first set, only got one. Dropped to 115 ATB: 120x1-115-115-115-115. THANK YOU MK for a lesson learned this am- I now feel a little better about my squats from yesterday because she pointed out to me that my 90% yesterday should have been 90% of my 5RM, not my 1RM which would have put me @ 140lbs, NOT 160lbs. How come I can be such a dingbat? So my 160-155x4-145-145-145 wasn't way off like I thought. Goes to show: ALWAYS ASK. Oooopseys.

IF 16 hrs today.

salmon, hb egg, brocc, red pepper, walnuts. aaahhhhh.
4-2-10. life is so so good.

eggs, brocc, nuts

mahi, bruss sprouts with marinara, eggplant, avocado, daaaark choc with nuts.....oh my good ness. big meal and I am full. :) :) :)
4-3-little over. so good and worth it.

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