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Friday, January 29, 2010

Row your ASS of this Friday. Jan 29. Thanks MK.

MK goes- this should be called 'Row Your Ass Off'. Yeah girl. Who actually likes to row for effen 15 minutes? JBrod, you freak? You? with your badass 3900 meters?? ;O freak.

Slept OK last night, woke up drenched (gross) at some point. HATE it when that happens. No snack this am. Wanted to get this ugly metcon WOD in on an empty gut.

WOD: 15 minute max effort row. Nuff said. I thought, as I entered into the first 3 minutes or so, that this may be the very first time I get up and walk out. HAHAHA! Big laugh. Of course, that did not happen, but let me say that this really SUCKED monkey whatevers. I could NOT get TO, much less below, 2:00 to save my life today. I kept seeing Coach loiter behind me which made me want to get below 2:00 (more like 2:05-:09) but it was not happening. Got 3601 and let me tell you I am dang happy for it.

IT IS FRIDAY!!!! So looking forward to a weekend of REST. I need it.

breakfast with my man who is going to try and eat&drink all he can prior to Monday. Anyone else doing that??

eggs, pear-apple, nuts

t burg, red pepp, brocc, avocado, few extra walnuts. you guys see a flipping pattern?

egg, nuts

Here's the diff between my cheat and some other cheats: and by the way, this one is waaaay out there for me:

So we went to Pizza Fusion tonight. Let me just say that while I do NOT feel the need to gorge the night before 'tomorrow', I am open to this cheat because we've been thinking about it for a while. So here's how it went down:

'gluten free farmers' market with chicken & easy cheese', (read: artichoke hearts, onion, portabellas, zucchini, great red sauce, sparse cheese, and chicken on a gf crust), 1 gluten free beer (pretty dang good), salad that DID have a bit of balsamic on it, and for dessert, a fantabulous gluten free brownie that was to flipping die for. That's my cheat for the....month? week? not real sure, and that prolly means I need to let go a little more often. I HIGHLY recommend Pizza Fusion to you folks, and I do indeed recommend the gf crust. It is light, crispy, kind of 'airy' if you will...and I don't have that 'rock in the bottom of my gut' sensation. Feel good right now. So NOT Paleo: rice, tapioca, and bean...but at least no wheat/gluten, if that means anything to you.


  1. How are you going to win MOST IMPROVED when you are already a paleo master?

    You should completely let go before the pictures. Look your worst!!!!

  2. Sista...I totally the hell can you improve? You are the Paleo master...which do you get for that, a cape or crown? I am glad you enjoyed your dinner, you do deserve a cheat once on a while. Maybe not all the way down to Heavenly Biscuit standard, which is what I will be eating Sunday, but gf pizza is a decent half-way mark. See you in the AM girl!

  3. i am so proud of you for eating a cheat meal -- MINDFULLY -- and enjoying it. yay, Sarah! :D