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Monday, January 4, 2010

Jan 4~ Happy New Year Friends!

Up with pretty good sleep, altho I look haggard! IF today.

It is freaking cold today, so was glad to see BSquats inside :)
B Squats 5x5 145-155-155-155-145. Extra work: Uni DB benches on SB: 10 @ 35, 9 @ 40, 4 @ 45. Back in this pm for presses and CFE with MK :)

Worked like a banchee this am to get our tree and other stuff down, so glad it's done! Then to Costco for food. Office work.

turkey, brocc/cauli, nuts

chicken, asparagus, nuts

Went back in for presses and CFE. Let me preface by saying how NASTY I thought the CFFB WOD was today, and HAPPY I was that I am not a baller for today. Well, that crap went out the window. I get there and MK goes: 'I was thinking about doing the CFFB WOD for our CFE tonight....holy crap is all I was thinking.

Presses 5x2 @ 93%, then down to 90% of 1RM (95): 88-88-88x1-85-85.

CFE WOD: 10x1min row sprints, rest 1 min. 3000m min~ FOUL of a burpee pull up for every 5m short. I got 2656. That means 69 burpee pull ups are in my future. BIG SHOUT OUT to MK for this little stunt. Love you girl.

Gator Club @ 530.

chicken, cooked veges, nuts


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  1. Good luck with those burpee pull ups...that is out of control!

    No peanuts either? I thought that was a debatable one? takin' away all my fun! No worries...I didn't eat them anyhow :)