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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tues Feb 9.

Up at the usual 445, one cup of coffee, snack of hb egg, avocado, few walnuts

WOD: random squats for me today which means I get to choose :) I did some weighted step ups on the 16" box. bar-65-85-95-95-95. Then some hand stand holds for fun- I didn't have much in the tank for those for some reason today- 1:05, :50, :50- ishhh...back for CFE this afternoon in case anyone is interested...prolly about 430-500PM.

breakfast with the mister: 3 eggs, pear-app, avocado

skoch of heartburn today...what the?

lunch from jason's today; marinated chick salad sans cheese. added avocado.

egg, nuts

went in for cfe tonight. Did 90:90x6 on C2 (due to rain). 2308m, avg split 1:56

Pauly went to FMarket while I was doing a 101 and got some wings (NOTE: he went to get ab, the machine is out of order). Had 2 on the way home. 1-0-0. (Should prolly count some fat here)

gf taco salad for din tonight. FANDAMTASTIC. gf beef cooked with onion and seasoned with cumin, chili pwder, touch of chili lime Dash; greens with fresh lemon & lime, clean FMarket salsa, black olives, little fresh onion, and of course, avocado. so flipping good.
3-2-7ish not sure.

12-5-34 over on protein and fat today.


  1. You CHOSE the step up squats? You are at a whole other level at masochism! Good work though!

  2. Your tacos sound YUM! I love the three C spicy spices: cayenne, curry, and chili powder. mmmm.

    Guess what?! I posted the coconut cookie recipe. You can haz!!!