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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dead Man's Row. WHEW!

Up with good sleep, tho short about an hour or so...

WOD: Dead Man's Row: on a 12 min clock: Row 2000m, then max rep DLs @ 185. I have been thinking about this one for a while, and not all happy like. Prolly my two weakest areas all rolled up into one WOD! Good news is taht the row didn't seem all that ugly today. But, I did not go Rxd on the DL, went @ 175 for 12 reps. Final score: 7:17.4. I am OK with it. (I am turning a page, people.)

Having said that: HOLLAH BACK NOW to MK and ABOMB. It seems that MK would have won the damn thing in Texas!! That was some sick shiz you cranked out this morning! YEAH GIRL! And our little Adrian 'placed' 10th! THAT is strong, girl!! Nice work ladies :)

I brought some grapes to eat post WOD to gym.

Home to mister mister and breakfast. Great day so far!

eggs (2 dbl yolk, so what do you think? I am calling 4 yolks and two whites = 3 eggs), eggplant, walnuts

salmon, brocc, asparagus, olives, pecans

egg, nuts

red pepper, nuts

mahi, brocc/cauli, olives, pecans

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