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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday. Not Monday!

Up with good sleep, a touch short.

WOD: Power Cleans 5x3: 115-120PR-120x2-120-120. Hate that I missed that one, but glad I got the rest. They weren't all that pretty, by the 3rd rep I was getting pretty whipped. I preferred to stay here at 120 for more reps, cleaning them up, than go for 125 today. 14 reps @ 120. Then 100 weighted sit ups @ 25lbs. Those weren't a joke.

Home to breakfast with my sweet boy who already went to the grocery by the time I got home from the gym and had break cooked:) this is a beautiful thing.

omelet with spinach, onion, mushrooms, rosemary (thank you baby!), apple, brocc, avocado, pecans

Likely coach's meeting tonight after 6PM class, provided all can make it...if you read this, let J know guys! :)

lunch @ The Pub in Ave Maria: greek salad sans feta with blackened flounder. home to a red pepper and walnuts

got some more of those honker double yolk eggs today at the boneyard :)

egg and nuts

din- egg, gf lamb chop, cauliflower, few nuts and some 90%. delicious.


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    On Immokalee, across from airport: I highly recommend. Everything is made to order so they are cool with customizing. Bison patty was kind of plain but the sirloin tips were awesome. So is the grilled chicken.

  3. mister is a great word. i heart my mister. :)