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Monday, March 22, 2010

Rainy Monday. March 22

Great weekend with massages (thank you Adrian!), clean food tho a lot of it, rest, and nothing else too earth shattering.

Up with pretty good sleep. IF today.

WOD: WBS/DU Ladder: AMRAP 10: Start with 10/10, then up by 10' to 5th round, 44 WBS- the end. My DU's sucked today. Doing them in a couplet is a whole other thing for me. Not like doing them solo. 244. SHOUT OUT TO ABOMB for smokin' it!! You the DU queen :)

here's a lot of info for a monday:

More recently have been laying off the extra CFEs, pretty much just keeping it to my 5x daily WODs, with the extra strength programming, as well. This has been by design, just trying to give my body a wee bit more rest, giving my adrenals time to recover. (suffice to say I am 39 and trying to make a few permanent changes :)) Been on this journey since June, and now making the finely tuned changes. It's been 3-4 weeks with the extra rest, and I am now starting to see the changes in body comp, and am really working at dealing with it, being OK with it. This is where my inner voices are starting to say: 'You need to work more! do more! enough rest, add more runs!'....because, friends, here I am being honest: I like to look a certain way. I LOVE being strong and lean. For me-my body, that means: DWODS + extra strength + about 2 CFE's per week.....all @ 11B, 1x fat, and 2 IF's. (It's taken me more than a year to figure that out, by the way! slow learner me iz)

Inner peace level is waaay stronger than ever, so this is about the last step I need to make to keep all in balance. I absolutely love CF and all it is about- but I also must listen to my body (not the head, sometimes) and adapt. Adpatation and change are going to be a huge part of our lives, we feel sure- just gotta get to that point.

also trying to wean off black coffee. ugh is all I gotta say to that.

IF 19hrs today. :)

meal 1- salmon, cabbage, brocc/cauli, olives&walnuts

meal 2- eggs, asparagus, olives&walnuts

meal 3- halibut, pecans, 1 square 90%


  1. Looking for that inner peace as well...thank you for the prayers!!! Am struggling to find where i can pull the strength from...inner peace is just something I have never before thought I needed!!! I guess it is the 39....year realization???!!!

  2. Like we were talking during the massage... we are too hard on ourselves. Especially us perfectionist. You are beautiful inside and outside and I am do darn lucky to have met you as well the CF familia :) You Rock!

  3. Love your blog today! I too struggle with my image and am also working on being "ok" with how I am. I think I posted something about that last week, and your response made me smile! You rock!!! Just keep that in mind. I know many people that look up to you at crossfit, myself included!

  4. great post Ms. Sarah. You are lovely. Thank you for the support, too. :)