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Friday, March 19, 2010

If I was any happier, I'd be two people.


Up with good sleep.

Went in to get my row on this morning. I'd be LYING if I said I wasn't nervous, anxious, worried, all of those~ I've never rowed 5K, never wanted to row 5K. But really, it wasn't as miserable as I thought. Can I convey to you in words how happy I am that it is now behind me? HELL YEAH. No fear, all you PMers- just find your pace and stay with it. Don't be too lazy with the pace- own the fact that it will be a bit uncomfortable- but get in one and tune into your tunes, mind, whatever you need to to get through it. YOU GOT THIS....and for the record, I never would have thought I could row 5K faster than I can run it!! (that's not really saying a lot for my foot speed. NOT my middle name)

WOD: Row 5K for time: avg split of 2:05.8. Finished @ 20:58.8. I will flipping take it.

home to breakfast- 3 eggys with curry (new fav), green grapes, plum, walnuts&pecans

mahi, red pepper, brocc, pecans

eggy, nuts

went back in at 6PM to support them with that effen brutal C2 WOD. GOOD WORK T.O.Y., Spaz, Jane, Mynx and Jenn! AND: NICE WORK TO THE DUDE for smashing his CFFB TOTAL. Jim was getting some as well. :O

Am going back in the morning :)

a glorious meal of: gf burgers AND filets, (I had thawed the burger when ap goes 'let's have steak')- we are prepped for the weekend ;) asparagus, grilled zucchini, dark choc and ab, and pinot noir. Sooo good. One glass plus a gulp for me. Thing of beauty.

lost count and who cares.

Have a fabulous weekend everybody :)


  1. Beautiful time on your 5k row!!!!!! It is a glorious Friday :)

  2. My stomach has been in knots since last night thinking about it. I hate hate hate the rower! Nice split time girl! Awesome time. And...yes breakfast was a feast even though it was nothing unusual :)