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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday March 12. Me & MK in WPB

Up with spotty sleep.

Rain rain go away! Finally an opportunity to get some pool time in, and it is raining. Argh.

breakfast in the room- eggs, grapes, plum, nuts

Feeling a bit tired and slow today. I will be updating my blog as best I can to keep all updated. WODs are as follows:

Sat WOD 1 @ 9:36
WOD 2 @ 1:48

Sun WOD 3 @ 9:00
WOD 4 @ 1:30

We are chilling today, just rest for MK. We go to BGI today to the athlete registration. All is well thus far. Pauly and Chad come over tonight, so we are looking forward to catching din with them. Saturday cometh! :) Now that we have seen the WODs, we have a newer feeling of confidence because the WODs play to many of her strengths. As her friend and pseudo training partner, I am so proud of her strength and courage to be here. There are about 75 women, and 150 men competing. IT IS ON!

Whatever your choice of support- prayer, candles, a celebratory cocktail (CF, of course!)....please consider doing it to lift our girl up! She's a warrior, for sure.


  1. I am so excited for you ladies. Tell Michelle that she is STRONG and INSPIRING, and that a few food cheats here and there over the past few months do not make her any less formidable! Tell her to think positive thoughts, and to push any negativity out of her fine brain. Her mantra should be, "I am strong, I am awesome, I kick ass!" I'm praying for her and sending positive thoughts your way. :)