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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday March 5 :) :) :) One of life's simple pleasures...

Happy flipping Friday to all!!!

Up with decent sleep.

WOD: 3x 1mile sprints. Rest 1/2x. Ran 7:31, 7:23, 7:31. It was cold, and glad it's over!! I am whipped and so very happy it is Friday!

breakfast with my mister: yummy omelet with turkey, onion, and mushrooms (thank you baby!), avocado, grapes, walnuts. Tried a plum, not a good batch at Publix, fwiw...

t burg, cooked veggies (I love these- from Costco, red pepper, avocado.

So my skin girl took one look at my hands yesterday and goes: 'OK: Why are your hands orange?' Told her: I eat A LOT of red pepper!'

snackola- egg, nuts.

OK so get this:
There's been some info presented to me recently re: eating correctly for my blood type. I've heard of it, never really paid any attention to it. Not sure if I am going to, to any extent....still mulling it over. However, a few things have crossed my mind about it. Chicken apparently is esp BAD for B's (I am B+), so I've heeded that more recently, cutting way back on chicken for the time being. The meat types that are beneficial for me are lamb, mutton, venison. Mutton is NOT happening. I dig venison, but don't eat a lot of it. That brings me to lamb, which I have not ever eaten a lot of, mostly because of a) didn't care for it and b) not a big fan of the process...I'll leave it at that.

We decided to give it a try for Friday night lights. (just made that up). Went to FM and got some nice loin chops. (I know I don't dig on leg). Little EVOO, fresh rosemary and thyme, S&P. Throw on hot grill for about 6min each side. They were fabulous. I am surprised at how good they were. Grain fed, yes. Am not choosing to think about HOW they got on my plate for now. (that is my choice, and it's all a choice ;)) goodness.

red wine, lamb chops, grilled protabellas, grilled yellow & zucch squash, avocado.
daaarrk choc, ab, walnuts. HOLY SMOKE.


  1. Your happy dance worked! I slept well -- got 8 hours. as did you. happiness for us!!! <3

  2. i meant sleepy dance -- your happy sleepy dance.