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Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend and now Monday with Thor...

It's been another lovely weekend, with SUN :) :) and rest. A thing of beauty. Pauly and I needed to heal and recover from the evil funk that has been upon us. Aside from being major flem monsters, I think we are all bettah now. Food was clean, albeit not as tight with the block counting. I am way cool with letting a tad loose on total intake on the weekends. Managed to keep it rather real- that doesn't always happen, so I am stoked when it does.

It's now Monday AM (a-gain) and there's this little WOD called 'Thor' waiting for me and MK today. IF today. It'll be a good one, fork down was 6PM.

WOD: 'Thor': 3 rds for time: 10 PC + jerk @ 100lbs, 30 KTE. Coach said sub 10. That did not happen! We were on track for the first round, then...let's just say that the hundy was heavy today and the KTE's (T2B's) were no joke, either. My T2Bs sucked today, maybe because I have not schooled myself on them in a while? Been way out of practice from my former 50/week just for shits and giggles....and it showed today. 15:31. Nice to do this one alongside MK- like old times girl :)

IF 18hrs

lunch at 'Roma in Havana'- this would be the new Italian-Cuban place in Immokalee. Yeah, that's right. Italian-Cuban.

meal 1- salad with avocado and chicken. EVOO and RW vinegar.

meal 2- eggs, brocc, eggplant, avocado, walnuts

meal 3- salmon, brocc/cauli, avocado, walnuts

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