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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday March 9~ 'Playday'

Up with good sleep, a bit short. Went down great and on time, just up at 3. Dang it.

WOD: gymnastics skills work for me, which is kinda like playday. I worked on muscle ups for a looong time, to be successful (yay!) at doing them from the 12" box (uuhh, cheat)....The GOOD thing about being the only one at 6AM is that Coach is my private trainer, so I got some great one-on-one help. Still working on getting up with the false grip. I have the false grip, and I can do a ring dip, it's just getting from point A to point B!! We broke it down from top to bottom, got that. I finally got 3-4 from the 12" box, so pulled it out and went down to 2 45's. No go. I guess what I can be tahnkful for is that I have a new place to start from next time! I KNOW I am strong enough. It is all technique.

break- eggs, grapes, plum, nuts

Happiness is:
Was working in Immokalee yesterday, so pulled into the boneyard to get a few veggies. I spied fresh eggs, brown and I listened to my inner voice and got 30 for $7. Fair deal, for sure. Here's the kicker: almost every one we have eaten has been double yolked! BONUS. So, egg consumption will be high power and rather intuitive for a is good. :)

lunch- salmon, brocc, red pepp, avocado. a standard.

egg, nuts

mahi, bruss sprouts, marinara, avocado

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