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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday, Kate :) March 10

Up with good sleep, but felt whipped upon waking. WTFIUWT?

WOD: Bodyweight Frenzy of: 25 squats, push ups, pull ups, sit ups; then 50, then 75. My kind of WOD. But holy smoke it took a while, I feel like I could have (read: should have) been stronger in my pull ups, because there came a point when I was only getting 2 at a time...hands were ripped at that point- the palms, they are the worst. Actually, pushes and pulls were only coming in 2's somewhere in the 3rd round. 32:05.

I didn't get to see ABomb, but hollah to ya girl for going Rxd and to KATE: Wow. Your pull ups are strong, girl!! You have certainly reached that goal! NICE :)

eggs, few grapes, bruss sprouts, plum, walnuts

lunch @ Beef's: 'Big Catch Salad'- grilled, sans cheese and dressing. Added nuts

eggy, nuts

din @ Oragami: ginger salad, all sashimi: tuna, spicy tuna, and cajun tuna. NOTE: Cajun Tuna Sahshimi (special sauce on side) is da bomb- with roasted garlic and some yummy radish sprouts. Get in my belly. Home to dark choc and ab.

Thank you Baby :)

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  1. i shall have to try the Cajun Tuna Sahshimi at Origami; I love me some Origami.

    BME = Bradley ? Earle, who is Eric's sister Kimberly's mister. I'm not sure what the M stands for. perhaps Marvin?

    Ask Paul about Weird Science. Was a must see film for anyone coming of age during the 80s. Is definitely geared towards teenagers, but is entertaining nonetheless. is a classic, John Hughes film that is far more campy than Hughes' other films. it's a must see 80s campy sci fi comedy teen flick.