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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday March 4 :) Looking for the weekend

Up with good sleep. Thank you Adrian!

IF today- feeling it already. Tad cranky tis kitty.

WOD: Random Squats today, which I love. I get to choose. Decided to try a drop set of back squats for the first time, thank you MK! Max reps at: 135, then 115, then 95. Not sure if how 'well' I did, but my reps were: 15-16-15. Drop sets = no rest, no joke. Did a few dead hangs with ABomb, nothing too stellar there, 4-5-4.

Home to check on the boy who is finally getting back to normal. Aaahhh.
Back to gym to do a 101.

IF 17 hrs

mahi, brocc, leftover eggplant and squash, nuts

hb eggs, cooked mixed veggies, walnuts

turkey, raw veggies, few nuts

Bible study tonight.

jason's deli for din. salad bar with turkey.


  1. Oh my goodness. I get really cranky when I fast, that's why I have not taken to the fasting yet.