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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Up with pretty good sleep. Dreamt (sp) of CF, a sure sign I think about this stuff a bit too much.

WOD: 'Hair of the Dog': for time: 30 Back Squats @ 115 (75% 5RM), run 200m, 30 burpees. 5:20.

breakfast- 3 eggs w/ curry, grapes, nuts

BTW: I just finished reading The Lovely Bones in case anyone is interested in reading it next- it was sooo good...

lunch @ Beef's: Big Catch Salad- forgot to sans cheese, picked most off. Ugh. Sans dressing. Home to a red pepper and few walnuts.

snack-egg, nuts

din- tilapia, cabbage, cuke salad with red onion and cilantro, walnuts.

11-5-30 loose. ate a bit freely on the nuts today.

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