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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tuesday March 16. 'Estranged'

Up with decent sleep. Just wish I could tack on another 2 hrs each night- what a gift that would be!

WOD: 'Estranged': AMRAP 12: Row 500, then: 3 PC @ 95 (85% 3RM) and 5 clapping push ups. Nice little diddy today. HUGE shout out to MK for her first go with the CPU's-GOOD WORK GIRL! 12rds + 2 PCs. Love the time change because now we can watch the sunrise post WOD :) me and MK kicking it @ 6AM together.

Home to break with the man: eggs, grapes, walnuts. KISS :O

salmon, red pepp, brocc/cauli, avocado. Usual suspects. It does not get old.

Working from home office today. So nice.

eggy, nuts

So I read on Mark Sisson's site re: nuts and their O-6 content, etc...and how walnuts are a pretty big O-6 offender @ 9.5g per 1/4, I have been eating walnuts because I read Paleo info which states that walnuts have the most ideal/almost equal ratio of O-3:O-6 content, meaning about as much O-3 as O-6. Sisson makes no reference to the fact that walnuts also do have O-3. I supplement with fish oil and eat a lot of salmon, as well as gf beef....soooo, would it behoove me to cut back on walnuts now?? ARGH. Macs are very low in O-6, and I am all for eating more of those, but they are roasted and salted, so I've always tended to monitor those a bit....regardless of all this banter, does this mean I am taking in too much O-6? another argh.

went in at 6PM to hang with the peeps. good times.

mahi, bruss sprouts (my fav), spinach, nuts, daaark choc and ab. a winner.


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  1. Love it! Great work today girl. I am impressed as usual!!