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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The last day of March...wha??

Up with way short sleep. Woke up at 3,finally dozed back off about 4 and woke back up to the alarm at 445. UGH.

Made it to the hotel gym. 1.5mi sprint, sub 12, not sure of exact time. Then 100 push ups and 50 weighted squats with the 20's. Was going to do some pull ups, but they have that teeny little bar with knurling (sp) all over it- it would have been like doing them on the 33lb bar, so chose out!

Need to get cleaned up and pack up to leave this am- home today!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow~ those of you that have been strong and committed have done a fantastic job- and more importantly, I think (hope) you'll want to continue to implement the positive practices of eating clean. It's a way of life. :) Think about all the good it will do for your body!

hb eggs, red pepper, nuts

turkey, hb egg, red pepper, nuts (on the road, limited selection today)

330PM- bruss sprouts and evoo, macs


WOD: AMRAP 15: row 250, 15 KBS @ 20K, 7 KTE (T2B). Got 5 rds plus 4 KBS. No joke aftger driving all afternoon ;O I am whipped.

snack at gym, egg, macs

11-3-35 glad to be home with my peeps, esp the mister :) night night termites.

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