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Thursday, April 1, 2010

D-Day...or is it CHEAT DAY :) April 1-

No fools here!

Once again, a bit short on sleep. The bane of my existence. IF today.

WOD: went in at 5AM today amd got to train with TOY. We did:
broad jumps- 10 attempts for max distance, then 'Death By 10'. Got 6'11" on my longest jump and 15 rds on Death.

Had a good morning at the gym, taking Post PC shots for the peeps. I saw some serious contenders today....:) My mother has just arrived- this is her first trip to Ft. Myers since I have lived here, so good times. I will be at the box tonight at 6PM for Jane, ABomb, and whoever else....but if you're reading this and still need a photo taken, get in touch with me- I'm not planning on staying up there throughout the 7PM hour, so let me know what up and I am happy to work with your schedule. Tomorrow can work, also.

Fork down last night @ 645.

IF about 18hrs today.

t burg, egg, bruss sprouts, red pepper, cuke, nuts, avocado. good one :)

eggs, brocc, nuts, avocado

Back to the gym to kick it with 6PM, take a few more shots...all pics are taken! NICE.


  1. Cheatapolooza isn't all its cracked up to be. All I wanted was carbs... now that I have them I don't want them anymore!

  2. Haha, no carrots are not bad for you. I think it was simply a funny comment made out of frustration, which we all have felt over the last couple months. I may catch you this evening, if not no worries. Although...I am fasting tonight, may be a good time to swing in at 6 am tomorrow, wink-wink :) Have a good Easter weekend with your mother in town!