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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Monday. April 5

It was a beautiful weekend with lots of good food, mostly clean- a bit of wine on Sunday- and half of a dark chocolate salted caramel that was sooo good...went out to Captiva on Saturday- lunch at Key Lime- grouper on a salad...all good times, for sure~ the weather was perfect!

IF today. Should be a good one. Fork down about 5PM yesterday. Woke up with heartburn (?) and still feeling a twinge of it now @ 845AM...we did have lamb and turkey breast for Easter dinner, I wonder now more and more about the grain fed meats I still eat.

Up with good sleep. Finally!! I think my body finally crashed~ I was up early all weeekend, and not any real naps to speak of, until late yesterday.

WOD: Snatch work. Warmed up then went into 2's 63-73-83. Stayed at 73 for several sets just to work on form...then 'Quickie': 7 min clock: Max rep push ups, then 40 yd sprint when you break. Got 90 today. Can't remember last time, will look on my blog. I think it was longer time, was good to train with Jim this am!

IF 19.5 hrs today.

meal 1- mahi, red pepper, brocc, cucmber, nuts
3-2-12 I think I will add an eggy.


salmon, brocc/cauli, nuts

turkey, brocc, avocado, dark choc

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