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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Yowza with the OHS & DLs...

Up with OK sleep. Short again. Went in at 5AM today.
1-0-4 egg, pecans

WOD: 21-15-9 OHS @ 85lbs, DLs @ 155lbs. Yowza. No joke, this one. OHS were tough, DLs were tough- I guess that's all I can say! My DLs aren't all that strong to begin with, and follwing the OHS was added 'holy crap factor'. Took me 17:02. Just glad to get it done, I guess! Thank you to Adrian for keeping the clock on this one and letting me cut in line! ;) Nice work to all of 5AM today- it was a good group!

getting ready for an overnight business trip to Orlando, so quick blog this am.

eggs, grapes, nuts

beautiful lunch of salad with fresh and grilled veggies of all kinds- and stripped a sandwich of it's turkey- added evoo and a few nuts after.

I am at the Hilton Bonnet Creek- sweet digs- (Downtown Disney)planning on catching the gym in the am, but have to be in the lobby around 630AM for a group field tour departure. UGH. Not sure if I can make all of that happen, but gonna try :) Good news is that I am going to follow the bus in my vehicle since the tour destination is an orange grove about 2hrs closer to home!! Yay me! :) A big 'WOOT WOOT' as Pink will say...

Dinner at La Luce here at the hotel. Will give Paleo report latah.

well now! guess what's on the menu here at La Luce? Grassfed ribeye with side of broccolini. aw snap. salad to start with evoo & lemon. Broccolini tasted a little too good to be just steamed, so I am sure there was a kick of something on it, hollah back because it matters not to the kitty at the moment. (I seem to be in a particularly carefree mood at the moment).


  1. I guess I should not have "mentally" chosen the OHS/DL WOD before reading your blog... too late now I have to do it! Thank you for the dbl yolks just had them for BF and they were delicious. Safe travels :)

  2. Kudos girl...RX was not even a thought in my mind for this. Tough cookie you are!!

  3. evoo = extra virgin olive oil?

    yes -- i am slow. :/

    be good in O-town!