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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Weekend and now Monday again.

Had a great weekend with my mother, despite the fact that we helped her with her yard sale- ugh. Food was pretty clean, only thing was it included two meals out, and they were steak both times :O Also, we had to resort to BH turkey for lunches...meals out were clean as possible, but when I stop to think about all of the grain fed meat and eggs I eat, I wonder what is actually going on in my body.
Home to a great din of halibut, brocc w/ EVOO, yummy guac that Pauly made, and 1 sq of dark choc last night.

On to monday...

Up with pretty good sleep, but a bit short. (my life story) IF today.

WOD: AMRAP 15: 5 push jerks @ 100lbs, 7 clapping push ups, row 125m. (subbed for the 100m runs due to rain). Jerks got heavy, for sure. Got 7rds plus 2 cpu's.

IF 18.5 hrs today.

meal 1- salmon, egg, a red pepper, brocc w/ evoo, asparagus, walnuts

meal 2- t burg, brocc/cauli, avocado, evoo

meal 3- salmon w/ fresh dill, grilled asparagus, guac, few nuts for dessert

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