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Friday, April 16, 2010

Damn you muscle ups. Friday.

Up with short sleep.


WOD: gymnastics skills today. Lots of work today trying to get my muscle up. I watch Shannon and J esily crank them out and I got nothing. Not today, next time I guess. Thanks to Nacci, Coach, Brent, MK and JBrod for all the help today. (No lack of support, that's for sure!) I kind of feel like a flicto for the most part. Cannot seem to get the turnover. I know I am strong enough to do them, it's just transfering that into technique. ARRGH!!

Breakfast at the gym before a 8AM demo.
Salmon, brocc, nuts

mahi, brocc, a red pepper, evoo, nuts
3-2-6. a light 2B.

egg, nuts

mahi, red pepper, salad w. evoo, nuts

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