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Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday! UGH. April 19

Up with solid sleep. IF today-yuck, not in the mood.

WOD: B. Squats 5x5 or 5RM and Benches 5x2 @ 93% 1RM (130) = 120.
Squats: 155-165-165-165x1-160x2 DONE. Well, not a good day. Let's go down the list: head game, losing it at the bottom, cycling, IF...anything else I can blame this on? For what its worth there were more reps @ 165 today than last time, but I wanted them ATB and clearly that did not happen. Managed to suck it up pretty quick and move on to my benches. 5x2 @ 120 ATB.

Office day today (by design). Yoga @ 930 and Body Talk @ 1100.

Fork down at 615PM.

IF 18hrs today. It works better for me when I put the fork down early and can get 18hrs going to noon-ish :)

egg, mahi, brocc, cauli, a red pepper, nuts

eggs, a red pepper, coconut

egg, coconut

salmon, brocc w. evoo, walnuts

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